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An Important Message From Mr. Manilow.

Posted on 2009.09.12 at 16:23
I have a new blog.


Go there.


Spook Light-ning on the horizon...

Posted on 2009.03.14 at 12:39

It's almost here-- The Spook Lights are coming back to the stage! Have we really been away since Halloween?

Up first-- THE DEBUTANTE'S BALL, which marks the LIVE DEBUT of our newest member, MRS. ZEPPELINA MYSTERY!

new flier

New songs! New merch! New lineup! Same sleazy fun you've come to expect, plus a few bonus surprises! If you miss this one magic night, your life will cease to have any meaning.

Immediately after that, we get to share the bill with these famous faces:


Color me starstruck! One of our dreams as a band has always been to open for these guys, and now that we have the chance, it almost doesn't seem real to me! I'd ask someone to pinch me, but I'm afraid I might explode!

More ACTION! in the distance:

Monday, April 20th: @ THE REPLAY LOUNGE with our bestest pal THE VOODOO ORGANIST!

Saturday, May 2nd: @ MEMORIAL HALL in KC-- we're playing halftime at the RED CARPET KNOCKDOWN roller derby!


There's a record coming, a music video being plotted, and a lifestyle of fantastic madness to be shared. Want to help spread our disease? Make sure to grab some of our new buttons and pass them around to all of your friends!


Back soon with another report... Until then, I remain



The Rock And Roll Daddy Has Done Passed On...

Posted on 2009.02.06 at 00:39
I touched this man's naked ass once. I really did.


I just read the VERY FIRST entry I ever made in this journal, and now I thought I should share it:

"I bought a pair of X-RAY GOGS today because I've always thought they looked stylin. I tore into the package as soon as I left the toy store and put them on, confident in my cool new look... Three steps later, I walked face first into a tree.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

secret_malady and I are getting desperate in our quest for a rock-n-roll drummer. Two weeks ago, I plastered every flyering hot spot with handbills, complete with pull-off tags featuring our contact info... Ms. Malady and I figured an email address was best, since neither of us bother to answer the phone, and when we do, our lack of communication skills are usually enough to sink any conversation like the Lusitania.

Anyway, if YOU were an aspiring rock drummer, and YOU saw this flier hanging outside the record store, wouldn't YOU immediately drop everything and rush home to respond?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Yeah, me too. But apparently, all the young skin-bangers in this town have better things to do. It looks like quite a few people are interested, because several tags have been torn away, but our email inbox remains dreadfully bare.

So, in an attempt to boost our response rate, I concocted THIS flier, opting for a more "cut-n-paste" design... I figured, what the fuck, maybe all the young rockers will be drawn in by the whole "black death" aesthetic:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This time, in addition to hitting the usual spots, I made sure to hit laundromats, liquor stores, and most importantly, the KU campus. I tried to double up with the old fliers as much as possible, just my way of trying to say "See? We're still looking! There's still a chance to get in on the most famous fucking rock band in town!"

I did a quick check downtown today, and sure enough, there were a few bites. But the inbox remains empty. What else can I do but wait? It seems like no one in this town wants to be in a band that doesn't stare at it's feet anymore. Are we really going to have to move away before we can fulfill our dreams of superstardom? Four letters, my friends: L-A-M-E.

BUt, as you know by know, we never give up hope. Right now, I'm burning a candle next to my Cramps shrine and praying to the Holy Twosome for some divine intervention... If anyone can offer us spiritual guidance in our times of need, it's Lux and Ivy, that's for sure."

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Times change, of course... What a difference four years makes. The Spook Lights are bopping more fiercely than ever, and a lot of that comes from the original inspiration Curvacia and I drew from Ivy and Lux... not just as musicians, but as persistent outsiders, as archivists of seedy, throwaway culture. Knowing that two such people could share an interpersonal mythology and somehow focus it into an external force was a flashing green light to us. The Cramps were more than mere idols to us-- they were full blown DEITIES.

This excerpt from their RE/SEARCH interview sums it up best for me:

"IVY: We fight hard against being like robots. We think, "How did other people live? What are other ways of being?" We don't just look back to the 50's, we look to any period of history, back to the dawn of man. And we're interested in physics or ANYTHING that could answer our questions. We have vivid imaginations for the future... You have to be aware of LANGUAGE making you into a robot; language confines your thinking. There's different thoughts in different languages, and some of them are untranslatable-- so you can think more thoughts if you know more languages!

LUX: The great thing about songs like SURFIN' BIRD is that they're beyond art-- beyond good or bad. And rock'n'roll is much bigger than just records; it's a way of life-- you don't even need MUSIC to have rock'n'roll! So criticizing it like you would criticize music seems to completely miss the point. Like judging folk music for being played really well, when it's actually someone singing about their lover being HANGED... the fingerpicking or technique have nothing to do with what's happening... Criticism of all art forms has gotten out of control: critics usually say "This stinks!" without saying WHY. It's the point where the critic is the star and the artists are the furniture. In any magazine you can see reviews of the latest albums with "A-minus" or "C-plus"... but music isn't about mathematics, it's about emotions. A lot of these records we've been playing: how could you give them a grade? There's something special going on-- that's all there is. And the criticism should be honest and heartfelt, too... A lot of "unsophisticated" people have something going for them (just like blind people can hear better than people who have sight). They've got an extra sense that comes from not thinking they know everything because they went to college. It's a sense of what's actually real. I don't have anything against critics who actually do research, but some of them know nothing about the history of music-- you can mention something so common that they MUST have heard of it-- but they haven't."

I can't think of any two people who have had more of a direct influence on my way of life. I must have gotten an infection that night when his bare ass met my open palm. Thankfully I let the disease spread to my brain and never sprung for treatment.

Lux Interior, you were my fucking hero, and I'll miss you forever.


One amazing interview sandwiched between two of ther greatest songs:

My favorite live clip that's floating around right now-- "Goo Goo Muck" in 1981:

And, of course, the always classic "Bikini Girls" video:

the cramps - bikini girls with machine guns

--Scary Manilow

Posted on 2008.12.24 at 14:38
Happy Holidays from our planet to yours!!!!

Spooky X-Mess


The Spook Lights are on Facebook now...

Posted on 2008.12.14 at 15:07
...please be our friends!


Still trying to figure out how that damn site works, though... any suggestions?

--Scary M!



Posted on 2008.11.21 at 11:37
A few months back, I promised to announce a surprise lineup change... But, as Halloween approached and our schedule grew naturally more hectic, I was unable to do more than hint and tease without providing any concrete facts to warm your expectant little pants with.


We, the aforementioned SPOOKLIGHTS, would like to take this moment to officially welcome our newest member, MRS. ZEPPELINA MYSTERY!


This plan has been in the works for a while, and we are all very excited to finally start working with her. Zep is going to handle keyboard and bass guitar duties, along with some additional percussion, carnival noisemaking, and all-around glamorous asskickery. As you can see in this photo, she's clearly a natural fit for The Spook Lights:

Spook Lights 8/14/08

We're taking an extended hiatus until mid-spring, at which point we plan on unleashing this powerhouse new lineup on an unsuspecting universe. I wish I could hop into a time machine RIGHT NOW and experience the thrill... Who knows what new and exciting adventures we'll have together?


Look for us soooon....


(Special thanks to the one and only Matt Needham for lending his demented lens to all of our promotional needs!)


The Spook Lights-- LIVE! UNDEAD!

Posted on 2008.10.31 at 00:13
Your lives will be devoid of meaning if you miss this tomorrow night:


We've loaded our gift bags with the finest in dime-store Halloween goodness:


And who knows? We may even debut a new song or two... but only if you're especially naughty.


This is gonna be our last show until Spring, at which point our 7-inch will (finally) be released, along with a whole slew of horrific goodies to satisfy the most demented of tastes. Come on down and share the Halloween spirit... or suffer in the black pit of regret forever!


--Scary M!


Belated Updated

Posted on 2008.08.08 at 19:26
Good news from the planet of sleaze!


The recording is FINISHED-- mixed, paid for, and in our grubby little hands-- and, as soon as we can stockpile enough coinage, we'll ship it off to the secret underground lair for processing. Recite the secret words, wiggle your fingers, and sprinkle some magic dust-- PRESTO! A brand new seven-inch record for your listening displeasure.

Things have been happening pretty fast at Project Spook Light-- new songs, new bandmates, and more new fans than we can shake a stick at! Seriously, are audience has started growing to the point that I don't know if this town can contain us anymore. Perhaps the time has come for us to plan a full-scale global conquest-- followed closely by the inevitable intergalactic takeover, no doubt. The Rapture drops at 45 rotations per minute, friends. Prepare thyselves.

Upcoming shows! Attendance is MANDATORY!


August 19th: A Back-To-School blowout!!! Free on-campus show in front of Wescoe Hall with AD ASTRA PER ASPERA, THE SPOOK LIGHTS, and BOO AND BOO TOO!!! I think the show starts around 5-ish, but I'm not 100 % sure.

September 5th: At BARLEYCORN'S in Wichita- an opening for the magazine NAKED CITY!
September 25th: At the JACKPOT again with SHEARING PINKS and Lawrence's own WEIRD WOUNDS!
October 11th: At DAVEY'S UPTOWN in KC with the damned YOUNG LIVERS!
October 14th: At THE REPLAY LOUNGE with our best pal THE VOODOO ORGANIST!
October 31: Our contractually obligated Halloween gig at THE JACKPOT with STULL, DRAKKAR SAUNA, and BLACK CHRISTMAS!

Stay tuned to THIS PAGE for future developments (including a special surprise announcement about the newest addition to our band: http://www.thespooklights.com!!!

--Scary M!

Posted on 2008.04.20 at 09:37
Long time, no post, you say? The transmitter here at Program Central seems to be jammed. Hopefully this signal gets through.

New News: Due to our mutually hectic schedules, the 7-inch is still trapped in mixing board hell. We hope to release it from captivity early next month, to be sent of to a receptive vinyl press later in the summer. Look for it in stores sometime between now and the apocalypse.

Newer News: Say goodbye to Mighty Joe Noh. Due to his recent acceptance into Star Fleet Academy (we wish him well on his adventures!), we've had to recruit some fresh blood to fill his position as drum kit operator. Everyone put you claws together as I proudly introduce KIRK-- aka, "The Meld":


Let me be the first to say that he is a most welcome addition to Team Spook Light.

This Saturday (April 26th) at THE OOH LA LODGE (2136 Tennessee):

After that:


May 31st at LOVE GARDEN SOUNDS (free art opening for our good friend, Alissa!)
June 6th at THE JACKPOT MUSIC HALL (as part of the Mid West Fest)

Possible upcoming:
May 10th at THE PISTOL (with WITCH AND HARE as a benefit for the 816 Bike Collective)

I'm sure I'll see each and every one of you at all of these events, hmmm?

--Scary Manilow!


History in the making!

Posted on 2007.09.27 at 13:52
Beneath this full moon...

Beneath this full moon...

...inside this haunted machine shed...

...inside this haunted machine shed...

...The Spook Lights began their first bona-fide recording session!

Curvacia, Scary, and Joe!

Words can't describe just how intensely MAD SCIENCE Chubby Smith's recording setup is... but I hope some of these photos do it justice:

Mad Science Lab
Mad Science Lab 2
A Cat Named Dude

We're going back for more tonight. Until then, I'd like to give some hearty thanks to the key participants:

Curvacia Recording
Curvacia VaVoom

Mighty Joe Noh!
Mighty Joe Noh

Jet Boy Recording!
Jet Boy

Chubby and Jet
And the incomparable Chubby Smith!

Set List

I promise to send those T-Shirts out real soon... They just gone back from the printers, and I haven't had a chance to deal with them yet. But I haven't forgotten about you guys, I promise!

More soon....

--Scary Manilow!

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